Entering for an event


To enter for an event, you must first register on the website.

Registration is required because the website list the competitor’s details and models and the speed obtained. Without registration, we will have no information to display.




On registration your email address and password are requested.

Complete the captcha.  Unfortunately, we do not have control over the way the captcha would react, but it is necessary to ensure we are working with real people.

After submitting the details, a verification email will be sent to the email address you entered to verify the correctness.

When the email has been received, (ensure it did not go to a spam or junk folder), click on the link to confirm your email.

When this is done you can login to the website.


User Profile


Click on the menu item Profile of <your email address>.


Click on user profile and then complete as a minimum requirement, Your Name, Surname, Club, City and Country.

  These are display with your results.


User Models


To enter for an event, you would require one or more models to compete with.  Select User Models to create define your model.


After you have defined all your models, you need to go to the Open Event menu item, select the event and click on the Details link at the right side of the line.

The event detail page will be displayed.

At the bottom of the event detail page, click on Entrants.


A list of entrants, that might still be empty, will be displayed with a link “Enter for event” above the list. Click on enter for event.


A dropdown box with all the models you have defined will be displayed.  Just select the model you want to enter and click on the Create button.

Once that is done, you have entered for your event.